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Angelica Chrysler

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My Why
My Legacy

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Where to begin? I suppose the beginning is about right... As a young girl, I would help my mother create a variety of hair colors she was into that week. She was the fun, adventurous type. She also had the thickest straight Native hair, so it grew out quickly and we had plenty of opportunities to be creative. It became our thing. It was her goal to become a hairstylist, but it was me who learned how to use her beauty school tools. I picked up her Marcel iron at 12 and never looked back. I began to pay close attention to the way hair fell and how it reacted to heat and products. We couldn't afford hair products, so I decided to use conditioner as a styler to create curls and smoothness, and baby oil to create shiny, soft hair to curl with the iron. I wouldn't recommend the latter.


I would watch TV for inspiration and do my best to copy what I saw. Like, Aaliyah's smooth side part with face-framed layers, and Selena's high-to-the-sky curls on the top of her head. I'd sit in my room for hours trying to recreate everything I saw. I finally got brave enough to cut my hair, with kitchen shears no doubt. Later I found out in cosmetology school, I'd been doing it right the whole time. Creating is where I thrived. So, it was only natural the next step would be in makeup; which was more of my Twin Sister's art but she patiently taught me her incredible skills. Our mother influenced her as well, with all the fun colors the 80's inspired. She has always been and will be our biggest muse even though she's passed on now. 


When I became a mother I knew I wanted to create a better life than I had and the best way there for me, was to become my own boss. So, I went to college for Business. The more time I spent writing business plans, the more I realized how far I could go in the beauty industry. It's now been about 24 years professionally since I began. My daughter is now attending her first year in college, and as a single mother, I must admit how wonderful it's been creating this life. Meeting all of the people I've shared special moments with since I started has been the icing on the cake. And now, being one of the first Native American business owners in my family, the thing I'm most proud of is creating a legacy of believers, that you can be and do anything you set your mind and heart to do, no matter what hand you've been dealt in the past. This is my thank you to my parents for loving me the best way they knew how and for the lessons I've learned through them. 

Let's Create
Magic Together

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