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Meet Us

Hello and welcome to your AC Beauty Team, the company who has ended all your scrolling! We look fierce and we care fiercer! 

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Our mission is create an unforgettable day full of beauty, laughs, happy tears, great playlists and all around positivity. Our seasoned artists are just as dedicated to finishing you on time, as we are perfecting every guest's look. We love creating confidence for you and when needed, your loved ones, too. 



Connection and experience, two of the most important factors when choosing a professional team to prepare you for one of the most important days of your life, fun event or day of self love. We care enough to listen, create, and adapt to any style, age, skin tone or hair texture. Everyone is included and celebrated. Beauty is our passion, inside and out. We go above and beyond for our guests and look forward to being of service to you on your day!

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